The whole premise of Evangelion is a post-apocalypse world and as such, it is fitting to have merchandise that can be used in the desolated future. OK. Perhaps the AT Field Key Tool will not help you to survive the doomsday, but it is a cool thing to collect that is also useful for tightening and loosening screws, and minor prying jobs.

AT Field Key Tool NERV and WILLE Model

Fashioned after the dog tag wore by the NERV and WILLE crew in the Evangelion franchise, the AT Field Key Tool is a handy flat-head screwdriver as well as a prying tool. While it is not quite a multi-tool, it will make for a useful, decorative accessory.

Each dog tag comes with a ball chain for hooking up to a keychain or wherever you desire and features either NERV or WILLE graphics laser engraved on it. The screwdriver function can be used to turn screws of three sizes, namely, +2, -6, and -8. It is made of carbon steel which means it is durable enough for the apocalyptic future.

AT Field Key Tool NERV Model

The prying tool is also suitable for screwing large screws such as those found on the battery caps, camera tripods, and more.

The AT Field Key Tool is available in a choice NERV and WILLE design, each going for 1,980 yen (around US$18). The AT Field Key Tool joins the growing list of A.T. Field merchandise which include power tools, air conditioner vest and more.

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AT Field Key Tool NERV and WILLE Model

Images: Kakuri [JP].

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