There countless Evangelion merchandises out there, but this could be the coolest of all. Like, literally, the coolest because, it is an air-conditioning vest. Basically, vest with fans – removable ones, obviously.

A.T.Field Evangelion Work Air-Conditioning Vest

The A.T.Field Evangelion Work Air-Conditioning Vest, as it is called, is the latest products to the join the A.T. Field line of work-focused products that include hand tools, power tool, and apparels.

In the case of the the A.T. Field Evangelion Work Air-Conditioning Vest, its maker translates the A.T. Field in the anime into practical functions of protecting the wearer from cold, in addition to being waterproof and, ermm, wait what? Shock resistance??? The description lost me at shock resistance.

A.T.Field Evangelion Work Air-Conditioning Vest

Anywho… the vest not merely just computer fans-lookalike stuck to an apparel. There is science behind it, specifically, so called physiological cooling theory. We shan’t dwell into that cos’ I oh so hate thermodynamics.

All you need to know is, the vest is made by Tokyo-based company, Air Conditioning Clothing Co., Ltd., that, as the name implies, is specialist in cooling products, wearable or otherwise.

In a Japanese press release by the company, it is indicated that the the A.T. Field Evangelion Work Air-Conditioning Vest is available through Rakuten. Now, here’s the confusing part.

A.T.Field Evangelion Work Air-Conditioning Vest

It is listed as 8,800 yen, tax included (around US$83, based on today’s rate). However, the price does not appear to include the all-so-important cooling kit.

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If you look at the listing on, the official Evangelion web store, it is listed at 24,200 yen, also tax included (or about US$227). The price is, as seen in the description, includes the vest and the fan kit. Anyways, if you know Japanese, you may have more understanding here.

As you may have already noticed, it is a Japanese-only product, but it is not like you can’t get it. You could engage buy for me service such as Zen Market and the likes to acquire one if you are so inclined.

Images: Air Conditioning Clothing Co., Ltd..

Source: Siliconera.

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