a desk lamp crafted out from tripod and camera

Camera Desk Lamp 544x363px
(credit: kootoyoo) Steampunk Wrist Monocular | US$tba | www.kootoyoo.com

usually what i see that excites me, it appears here on this blog, and this camera desk lamp is just one of the many that tickles my senses. created by Melbourne-based coffee-loving mum, Kristy, this camera lamp is the perfect lamp for any photography enthusiast. it is a lamp that reminds you where your heart is – photography. this awesome lamp comprises of the camera – which is the lamp and a tripod, and since it sits on a tripod, it can be adjusted to sit on the desk as a desk lamp or on the floor as a floor lamp. absolutely brilliant. though, Kristy did not give details on how the lamp was fitted into the camera nor any detail of camera was given.
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whatever it is, the camera lamp still looks beautifully novel but as it turns out, this camera lamp is her “first draft”, which means we should be expecting some refinement of such but then again, i can’t think of anything else that should be improved on. unfortunately, no mention if this will be for sale but the good news is, you might just be able to convince her to create one for you for a fee, of course. just drop Kristy a note and see how things go from there.

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Camera Desk Lamp 544x311px

Camera Desk Lamp 544x363px

kootoyoo via MAKE

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