Mathmos, The Inventors Of Lava Lamp, Finally Has A Floor-standing Lava Lamp

While the lava lamp has seen many designs since its invention in the 60s, it remains largely the same. It is always tabletop size. But that’s until recently when the original inventors, Mathmos (formerly Crestworth) of the lava lamp introduced Saturn Giant Lava Lamp.

Someone Crafted A 5 Feet Tall Wooden Optimus Prime Lamp

An expert wood craftsman crafts a statue. A creative and fun, expert woods craftsman crafts a statue of Optimus Prime that is also a super cool floor lamp. Kp MacKenzie aka Woodland Porpoise Workshop (@woodland_porpoise_workshop) is the latter.

Dyson’s Latest Lamp, The Lightcycle Morph, Is Super High-Tech And Super Pricey

This is Dyson Lightcycle Morph Lamp, Dyson‘s latest lamp. It so named because, it intelligently adjusts the color temperature and brightness based on local daylight, your age and the task to provide optimal illumination.

This Lion Lamp Is Imposing, But We Can’t Say The Same For The Brightness

Can owning a lion as a pet or whatever light up your life? Yes, but only as flashes of your life passes before your eyes as this the beast turned on you. The truth is, it is a predator. It will see you as a meal, or a piece of meaty steak that walks and …

Anglepoise Giant 1227 Floor Lamp

no. what you see above is not a miniature chair, but a giant lamp. to be more precise, it is the Anglepoise lamp designed by George Carwardine (1887-1948), recreated in an enormous proportion and dubbed as the Anglepoise Giant 1227 Floor Lamp. this design was also the design influence behind another lighting icon, the

Andromeda Tactical Lighting

to have a military-inspired home decor is nothing short of cool to most dudes but to associate ‘tactical’ with anything placed in your home is something we are not accustomed to and really doesn’t quite make any sense, unless you are expecting a raid on your home base. regardless, that doesn’t make the Andromeda Tactical Lighting…