Custom Wooden Optimus Prime Lamp

An expert wood craftsman crafts a statue. A creative and fun, expert woods craftsman crafts a statue of Optimus Prime that is also a super cool floor lamp. Kp MacKenzie aka Woodland Porpoise Workshop (@woodland_porpoise_workshop) is the latter.

Custom Wooden Optimus Prime Lamp

Obviously, this is not MacKenzie’s first dabble in turning pop culture icons into a wooden work of art, but it is the most impressive because, it is a 5-feet (1.5-meter) wooden Optimus Prime lamp.

To call this creation a statue wouldn’t be appropriate because, this wood crafted Optimus Prime has movable arms and chest that opens up to access the bulb and a switch. So, yeah, it has a light up chest which is super apt because that’s where the Matrix of Leadership would be.

In addition, the “smoke stack” on each shoulder lights up too. Very impressive. If you are intrigued, you can see the build process in images posted by the man on imgur. Be sure to hit up Woodland Porpoise Workshop on Instagram for even more awesome wooden art pieces.

Images: imgur (woodlandporpoise).

via Reddit (u/ProfStorm).