SureFire ARC-2 Ultra-high Single-Output HID Flashlight

there are a number of reasons why one need to turn night into day. regardless of your reasons, you know you will need a light that really shines, such as this SureFire ARC-2 Ultra-high Single-Output HID Flashlight. quite a mouthful it is, but it has the meat to be so. it uses an ultra-high-output high-intensity discharge lamp and a deep, mirror-finish reflector to deliver 4,500 lumens or 890,000 candle light of eye-blinding brightness with a wide cone of peripheral light and throwing them as far as 2,000 meters or more (6,562 feet!). at 4,500 lumens, it surpasses NITECORE TM26 quad-LED monster’s 3,500 lumens and doing so with just a single-output HID. its light delivery capability effectively makes it a handheld spotlight suitable for critical ops like search-and-rescue where sometimes large spotlight may not be practical.

it has a rugged construction, consisting of a sealed body made out of high-strength aerospace aluminum and treated to Mil-Spec Type III hard anodizing and is waterproof to 1 meter (3.3 feet). this monstrosity of the flashlight world is powered by an integral rechargeable lithium-ion battery, providing up to 80 minutes of usage per charge. the duration can be extended with an optional 120 minute battery pack, but at the expense of portability which sees the length being bumped up by 3 inches. light output will remain constant throughout the operation, which means there will be no gradual dip in output as the battery charge decreases and it will continue at 4,500 lumens until the battery conks out. it can also be powered via plug-in power adapter which also charges the battery pack and through vehicle accessory outlet.

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the head of the flashlight can be detached from its body and attached to any watercraft or vehicle using an optional Universal Vehicle Mount to facilitate vehicle-based operations. it is without doubt the SureFire ARC-2 Ultra-high Single-Output HID Flashlight is targeted at professionals such as the military, law enforcement agencies and the likes, but it could come handy for explorers and camping enthusiasts too. after all, who would mind having some extra bright lights and it is always good to keep one close for unforeseen situations. though we have no idea how much it would set you back or when will it be available.

SureFire ARC-2 Ultra-high Single-Output HID Flashlight

SureFire via Tech Lifestyle