SureFire’s New UDR Dominator Flashlight Outputs 2,400 Lumens, Puts Search Light in the Palm of Your Hand

There is a tool for every job and in case of night operations, be it search and rescue or night fishing, there are searchlights to light up the way. However, the mention of searchlight sounds kind of heavy and it is, but thanks to the advancement in LED technology, it is now possible to have […]

SureFire Puts A Rugged Luminox Timepiece Into Its 2211 WristLight

who doesn’t love tactical flashlights and rugged watches? ok, perhaps not everyone, but if you so happen to love both as much as we do, then we suppose having a Luminox watch stuck to a wrist-worn LED light would probably sounds like music to your ears and such is what the SureFire 2211 Luminox WristLight […]

SureFire ARC-2 Ultra-high Single-Output HID Flashlight

there are a number of reasons why one need to turn night into day. regardless of your reasons, you know you will need a light that really shines, such as this SureFire ARC-2 Ultra-high Single-Output HID Flashlight. quite a mouthful it is, but it has the meat to be so. it uses an ultra-high-output high-intensity […]

SureFire Maximus

regardless of how much you dislike light up tools, you still can’t deny the fact that you will need to shed some light on what you are working on when in low or no light situation. ideally, you should have both hands working and not one hand occupied with holding a flashlight. such situation calls for the aid of a reliable handsfree light…

SureFire 6PX Tactical and 6PX Pro LED Flashlights

if not for the nature of light and the law of nature of day and night, we wouldn’t need a flashlight or any light for that matter. since we can’t change the nature, we embrace it by making simple things like flashlight a joy to use. sure, i was stumped by the Invictus price but then again, i probably…