When I first saw Absolut Art Hangsmart in our inbox, I was like: “Finally! Someone has addressed my OCD!” So, what’s my OCD’s about, you ask? Nothing much. I just get irate by slanted and/or mispositioned art or framed picture and I felt compelled to “meddle” with art that appears to be unleveled. I always wonder why can’t the person who hanged the art see it is not levelled. Seriously, how can this even happen? Of course, it won’t, if you spend enough time aided by a lot tools, and probably a pair of helping hands. If you really think about it, it is indeed a very tedious process for such a minute task. Thankfully, Swedish art outfit Absolut Art saw this as a real struggle and sets out to develop a solution that will completely eliminate the frustration of hanging art.

Absolut Art Hangsmart Simplies Art Hanging Process

Called Hangsmart, this unassuming device boasts a two-axis movement: horizontally and vertically. To use it, all you have to do is to stick it to wall with either the included adhesive or screws, and click your art in place. After which, you are free to adjust it horizontally (up to six inches left and right) and vertically (up to 8 inches up and down) to get the perfect position. when done with position, let the art go and it will automatically level itself, every time. Now that, my friends, is innovation! Seriously, you cannot imagine the joy in me knowing that there’s a stress (and frustration) free solution to hanging framed picture.

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And it looks like I am not the only one who celebrates this invention; Hangsmart was recognized by Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Awards and the team over at MoMA are apparently keen in stocking and using Hangsmart. Clearly, the team at MoMA have had enough of time consuming hanging process, which is an art by itself, btw.

If you appreciate what Hangsmart can do for you and your collection of art, then you may want to consider pre-ordering this revolutionary art hanging system on Kickstarter for $24-28 a pop. The campaign also offers multiple units purchase too. Before you head out to sniff out this exciting product, you may want to learn more in the product pitch video below.

Absolut Art Hangsmart Simplies Art Hanging Process

Images courtesy of Absolut Art.

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