if the idea of stepping into the kitchen in a well-pressed double breasted cotton tunic appeals to you, then we supposed the look of the knives you wield in the gallery is as important as its performance. the Edge of Belgravia Ceramic Series Knives Set not only satisfy both demands, but also has a design backed by prestigious accolade. the blades are forged from zirconium oxide under 300 tons of pressure in temperatures of no less than 1,400 degrees Celsius (2,552 degrees Fahrenheit), resulting in razor-sharp and durable blades that dispense with the need for resharpening for years to come. along with each knife is a soft-touch rubber coated handle with a futuristic, angular design for a more confident grip. the Edge of Belgravia Ceramic Series Knives Set is made up of a slicer, chef’s knife, a chopper, an utility knife, and a paring knife for small precision tasks – a set that should have any discerning Chef’s needs covered. available in a choice of lime or onyx colored rubber handle for £259.50 (about US$410) a set.

Edge of Belgravia Ceramic Series Knives Set

Edge of Belgravia via Gear Patrol

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