Drop by Hidra is a compact urinal designed for home

Drop by Hidra - Compact Urinal for Home 544x500px
questions for dudes: would you have an urinal installed in your home bathroom? if the answer is yes, then you are in for a treat. this new item from Hidra could be the urinal you have been looking for. it is an urinal that’s not designed to look like some public restroom’s item. judge for yourself with the image above. you won’t find this kind of design even in five stars hotels. dubbed the ‘Drop’ by Hidra, this urinal offers a space saving design that has a high, narrow silhouette, hence occupies less room. time to install one of these and let your Mrs have the bowl to herself. of course, you will need a fairly large bathroom for it even though the Drop is compact size. remember that you still have the shower, the tub, the basin and the sanitary wares.

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