Planex mini phone lets you call from a Tablet, less the silliness

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(credit: Planex) Planex Bluetooth Mini Phone | ¥5,250.00 |

most 3G-enabled tablets can make or receive phone calls but we don’t do that because it looks totally silly to stick a 10 inch glass on your cheek. alternatively, you could use a wired mic/earpiece combo. Planex‘s Bluetooth Phone, BT-Phone01 [JP], is a more elegant solution that will liberate you from this awkward situation.
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running on Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR, this remote-control like device enables user to make or receive calls while your huge tablet hides away in your bag. the BT-Phone01 is compatible with all Bluetooth devices, including Android Tablets and it also works with PC or Mac with any VOIP software. apparently, it works with Playstation 3 too. the latter sounds a little redundant to me. in any case, we certainly welcome any gadgets that will makes us looks less silly when using them.

the BT-Phone01 sports a organic EL display with a resolution of 128 x 64 pixels and has built-in 200 mAh battery that gives it a maximum of 6 hours of talk time and a 100 hours of standby time. a full charge takes 120 minutes via the supplied USB cable.

the Planex Bluetooth Mini Phone is available in black or white and has a retail price of ¥5,250 (about US$62).

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Planex via Akihabara News

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