They say a perfect cup of coffee starts with the ground beans, but not just not any ground beans; they must be freshly ground if you want the best possible flavor out of the beans and that’s where your investment for the must-have caffeinated beverages goes up. Not only will you need a coffee maker, you will also need a coffee grinder, both which are not exactly cheap and with the latter, it sucks electricity that adds to your burgeoning utility, makes hell a lot of noise than necessary and on most part, they look totally uninspiring. The solution? A manual coffee grinder like the ROK Coffee Grinder. Like the many manual coffee grinders already in the market, ROK Coffee Grinder makes you work for your ground coffee, which means no or bare minimal noise generated, and since it is manual, it will not add to your carbon footprint when making your favorite cuppa.

ROK Coffee Grinder

And, it does it all while looking aesthetically awesome – something we will no doubt be proud to have on our kitchen countertop. Other mentions include precision die-cast aluminum body, transparent gear window/grip for added aesthetic awesomeness, DELRIN bevel gears for faster grinding with less effort, double bearing drive shaft to prevent wobble and 48mm steel conical burrs for consistent ground, agitator to ensure all beans are ground, and ground coarseness adjustment to suit the coffee you’re going to make. If you love craft coffee and appreciate the art of brewing coffee, then you would want one of these in your kitchen and if so, you can pre-order one for $149 off Indiegogo. However, do note that delivery won’t happen until May 2015.

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