I am sure you already heard the news that Twitter has changed hands. It is now owned by billionaire Elon Musk. And you may have also heard that the first thing Musk did was to sell flamethrowers. Nah. Just kidding. No flamethrower and no perfume either. The Verified Blue Check Mark was for sale, though.

dbrand is Now Selling Verified Stickers for US$8

Elon Musk has a lot of dreams and apparently democratizing the iconic Verified Blue Check Mark was one of them too. Basically, the original plan was to let anyone who is willing to pay US$8 a month get the once-revered blue check mark. But there wasn’t much verification to talk about according to The Washington Post’s writer, Geoffrey A. Fowler (not to mention the implementation did not go down well).

Anyhoo, we are not here to talk about how Musk has broken Twitter verification (you can read the latest developments HERE). We are here to tell you that our favorite gadget skin market wasted no time riding on the blue check mark fiasco.

The Canadian company is now selling the iconic verified check mark as a sticker sheet for the same 8 bucks. No monthly recurring payment ever. Once purchase, you are free to make whatever you wish verified, including your favorite shoe box.

Images: dbrand.

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