We can’t believe that LEGO and Star Wars is already 20 years old. We also can’t believe what LEGO would do to celebrate this platinum anniversary. I am sure LEGO has done quite a number of things to mark this significant year, but nothing quite like putting a life-size Star Wars X-Wing on top of a snow-covered mountain in Switzerland. Yes. LEGO literally did just that.

Obviously, if Hoth was a real place, LEGO would have ‘land’ the 2.5 million bricks life-size LEGO X-Wing there, but since it isn’t, a place with enormous amount snow at 3,454 meters above sea level, on top of the Jungfraujoch, would do.

Clearly, this LEGO Star Wars X-Wing ain’t Boeing’s, so it has to be airlifted by a helicopter to the location. No one with the Force was present to help out too and so, the major pieces had to be put together by a team on the snowy mountain top.

I wonder any member of the press was there to witness it? But you don’t need to be there appreciate the glorious scene of an X-Wing on a powder covered mountain range. Just have a look at the video below will be suffice.

If you ask me, it will be nice if a life-size LEGO AT-AT could be there, or maybe even a Snowspeeder because, either one will make the snow environment feels more like Hoth. Continue reading for the said video.

Images: Twitter (@LEGO_Group).

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