If you were at the official opening of new Star Wars Rise of the Resistance attraction at Disney World, or have watched the footage of the ceremony, you would have noticed a pair of X-Wing Starfighters taking flight.

That was no industrial light and magic, btw. Not projection as it probably would be the case in the past. The Red 1 and Red 3 are the real-deal and the company responsible for them turns out to be American aviation company, Boeing.

Boeing Star Wars X-Wing At Disneyland

We couldn’t find any official words on this, though. However, according to our source, Boeing has confirmed the X-Wings flown at the opening ceremony were indeed “Boeing aircraft.” But that was all Boeing was willing divulge for now.

Thankfully, the world is not lacking of eagle-eyed fans who deduced that the X-Wings were in fact modified versions of Boeing’s Cargo Air Vehicle (CAV) drones that made its world debut last year.

Obviously, a flying contraption with as many as eight rotors wouldn’t be as realistic, but thanks to the distance from the guests and the cover of the darkness, Red 1 and Red 3 turned out to be pretty convincing. I’d say if the aim of the open ceremony was immersion, Boeing and Disney certainly nailed it.

Images: YouTube (Disneyland Experience).

Source: TechSpot.

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