Tesla Cybertruck. Since its unveiling, it has received quite some ridicules. Ignoring how it was made fun of, it actually inspired a rather surprisingly good-looking concept gaming laptop and now, a game mod too.

Tesla Cybertruck in Mario Kart DS

As far as game mod goes, it is kind of a natural fit for this impossibly angular vehicle, especially it is in an older game like the Mario Kart on Nintendo DS – as proven by YouTuber RiazorMC. The geometric form might have just found its place in the pixelated world of DS video games.

We are not sure if RiazorMC modded the game or did he (or she?) just created videos out of it. Either way, it is fitting and pretty damn awesome. We are guessing, this “in-game” Cybertruck came straight from the unveiling event because, it is sporting the unfortunate cracks on the windows.

Images: YouTube (RiazorMC).

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