Razer CyberBlade Concept Laptop

For better or for worse, Tesla Cybertruck has absolutely succeeded in going viral. Whether or not that was Elon Musk and the electric car maker’s intention is not clear, but that’s probably not important at this point.

The impossibly geometric shape has taken the world by storm. So much so that it has been ridicule, poked fun and parodied. The latest to join in the, well, CyberFun is gaming lifestyle gaming Razer.

CEO Min-Liang Tan has tweeted a “pitch” to Elon Musk for a “new laptop.” A Razer Blade cross over which Tan proposed to maybe called, you guessed it, CyberBlade.

Razer CyberBlade Concept Laptop

However, unlike some who had offered their share of fun poking, it seems like Razer is doing it in good faith.

It turns out that this “neo-cubist” styling works out pretty well for a laptop. Like, who knew, right? Actually, we should have already knew. Alienware and some laptops out there actually sport a somewhat geometric design. Of course, those aren’t as “radical” as “CyberBlade,” or the Cybertruck.

You know what? Now that Min-Liang Tan has threw it out there, so to speak, I think we maybe needing a Razer CyberToaster.

Images: Twitter (@minliangtan).