LEGO Pokes Fun at Tesla Cybertruck

It has been a long while since the automobile industry has been rocked by a product that is controversial. Tesla Cybertruck broke that controversy silence last week with its polarizing pickup truck called Cybertruck.

The opinions on Cybertruck were mixed. But it is not only the auto reviewers, tech enthusiasts and regular people who are chipping in their 2 cents. LEGO Australia has something to say too.

In post on Facebook, LEGO Australia poked fun at the angular truck by communicating its vision of the futuristic, impossibly geometric truck with a simple 2×4 brick on a four-wheel platform.

That was it. A 2×4 brick with four wheels. That was LEGO Australia’s Cybertruck. If that wasn’t enough of a poke, there was an accompanying declaration, “the evolution of the truck is here. Guaranteed shatterproof,” to complete the burn.

The latter was a reference to how the demo of the supposed tough windows went awry when Franz hurl a metal ball at it. Spoiler alert. It broke. Granted the metal ball did not obliterate the glass panel.

I am not surprise to see LEGO Australia to be the one to poke fun of the Cybertruck. Given how Australians love their pickup trucks, Cybertruck convention-breaking design is certainly not going to please most of ‘em.

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Image: Facebook (@LEGOAustralia).

Source: CNET.