LEGO City Lunar Space Station in Space

It is no secret that LEGO celebrates everything. From the launch of movies to products’ birthday to history milestones, the maker of the world’s famous bricks never stop celebrating. And the latest celebration? Well, it was the 40th anniversary of LEGO Space Themes. Yup. That too.

And celebrated LEGO did and it did in a spectacular fashion: by sending its LEGO City Lunar Space Station (#60227) into space. Using a 3D-printed rig and a hydrogen-filled balloon, the journey took 4 hours, transporting the #60227 to an altitude of 33,000 meters (20.5 miles).

LEGO City Lunar Space Station in Space
Not a composite photo nor is it a Photoshop image. Photo credit: Sent Into Space.

OK. Technically, 33,000 meters is far from space (i.e. the exosphere). It is still within the stratosphere which is two layers before the actual space, space. But hey, it made it to the upper level of the stratosphere didn’t it? And that was as far as its ride, a weather balloon, can take it to.

By scale of the LEGO set, it might have even reached the Moon (or maybe farther?). Anyways, the rig was also outfitted with a tracking system, as well as a camera. The latter captured some spectacular footage of the ascend and the gorgeous blue marble while the former enables the team to recover the rig and the LEGO City Lunar Space Station when they fall back to Earth.

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Have a look at the proceeding in the video below.

Source: Twitter (@LEGO_Group).

Featured image: YouTube (LEGO).