Don’t like the real world presented to you in miniature proportion by Miniatur Wunderland? How about a miniature version of the fantasy sci-fi world then? Specifically, miniature cities from the cult anime Neon Genesis Evangelion and perhaps, even Sailor Moon? Well, if you are into those in miniature proportion, then Japan’s miniature theme park operator, Small Worlds, has just the miniature land for you.

Small Worlds Miniature Evangelion’s Tokyo-3

The miniature model-based theme park will throw its door open next spring (2020) in the Ariake district on Tokyo Bay. The 8,000 square meters (86,111 square feet) indoor entertainment area will feature 1/80th scale models in seven different themes, including Evangelion Hangar Area, a place where Eva Unit-01 is stored in NERV as well as the above ground city Evangelion New Tokyo 3 City Area.

Tokyo-based Azabu-Juban neighborhood straight out of Sailor Moon manga – complete with streets around where Usagi lives in all its glorious 90s styling, will also be recreated in 1/80th scale too. The miniature version of the anime worlds will be exhibited alongside other real world, miniaturized places and scenes like the Tokyo Area, Kansai International Airport, and a Space Center Area where a rocket launch is in progress.

Small Worlds Miniature Evangelion’s Tokyo-3

OK. It is not quite a theme park. It is more like an exhibition of impressive scale models and obviously, you and you won’t be able to immerse in the tiny cities. Small Worlds, Inc., however, will create a 3D scanned figure of you and place inside the city, like so:

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Now, that sounds like fun and possibly the closest one will ever get to ‘standing’ inside Tokyo-3. Pre-sale for your residency in the miniature cities in Tokyo-3 will start selling on August 9 priced at 19,800 yen (about US$187) for adults and 17,600 yen (roughly US$166) for those under 18 years of age, respectively. Not sure if that includes the rest of the exhibits like the Sailor Moon town or not.

Small Worlds Miniature Evangelion’s Tokyo-3

Images: Small Worlds, Inc. [JP].

Source: crunchyroll/the japan times.

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