Tesla Cybertruck has polarizing design that either you love it or hate it. Personally, I am digging it. The angular, futuristic look is not for everyone, but it is perfect as a LEGO model, as proven by LEGO enthusiast Peter Blackert.

Wait, what? Someone already LEGO MOC-ed the Cybertruck? Yes. Indeed someone has. On side note, we believe Peter Blackert’s LEGO-lized version of the Tesla Cybertruck is a digital render.

Custom LEGO Tesla Cybertruck

However, that does not make it any less impressive. Personally, I thought it will be cooler if Blackert a stud-free build. Anywho, studs or no studs, Blackert’s LEGO MOC Tesla Cybertruck is immediately recognizable.

The resemblance to the real-deal is sport on, save for the lack of windows which I assume was broken and thus, removed. Just kidding. There are probably no bricks or elements that would fit the purpose. Lets just assume the windows were winded down, shall we?

Custom LEGO Tesla Cybertruck

To complete the look, Blackert also created a brick built Elon Musk, as well as the electric all-terrain vehicle (ATV) that made an appearance at the end of the reveal.

Those are not it. Blackert also created an alternate variant that pays tribute to space exploration/space rocket making company, SpaceX. If you like, you can view more images of this impressive LEGO MOC over at Peter’s Flickr page.

Custom LEGO Tesla Cybertruck

Images: Flickr (Peter Blackert).

Source: Technabob.

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