Adam Savage Built Real Flying Iron Man Suit

Adam Savage, one-half of Mythbusters and the man behind YouTube channel Tested, is back on Discovery in a new exciting build series called Savage Builds. If 14 years of Mythbusters wasn’t enough a prove that Savage is the coolest tinkerer of all types of contraption, then perhaps, this latest series, Savage Builds, should. The first episode kicked off with Savage building a real-life Iron Man suit to work with Gravity Industries’ Iron Man-like jetpack system.

Adam Savage Built Real Flying Iron Man Suit

For this build, Savage worked with Richard M. Browning, the real-life “Tony Stark” who invented the jetpack system that allows the wearer fly around like Iron Man, to incorporate an actual Iron Man armor to it. When we said “actual” it really is “actual” because, the blueprint of the suit came straight from Marvel Studio and the technology used to make the suit was as high-tech as the movies, and it is totally bulletproof too – just like the real deal.

The suit, which comprises of more than 280 individual components, was made with a special titanium 3D printing system by industrial 3D printing specialist EOS (Electro Optical Systems) with the help of the Colorado School of Mines. It is, however, not all titanium; there are some 3D nylon printed parts, as well as polyurethane too. It is as close to the Iron Man Mark 2 as technologically possible nonetheless. Savage Builds is an eight-part series in which Savage, you know, build stuff.

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Savage Builds series has just begun to air on June 14th, on Discovery. You can catch the gist of the pilot episode in the CNET video embedded below.

Images: YouTube (CNET).

Source: YouTube (CNET)/The Gate.