Is This Jet Suit With Head Tracking Shoulder Turret The Real-life War Machine?

We all know that the coolest thing to happen in recent year is possibly the jet suit from Gravity Industries. But do you know what’s cooler than the jet suit invented by real-life Tony Stark, British entrepreneur Richard M. Browning? Head tracking shoulder turret.

Adam Savage Built A Real Flying Iron Man Mark 2 Suit

Adam Savage, one-half of Mythbusters and the man behind YouTube channel Tested, is back on Discovery in a new exciting build series called Savage Builds. If 14 years of Mythbusters wasn’t enough a prove that Savage is the coolest tinkerer of all types of contraption, then perhaps, this latest series, Savage Builds, should. The first […]

Soon You Can “Fly” Like Iron Man With This $450K Jet Suit

Yes. That is the same real-life Iron Man flying suit you saw last year, as demoed by British entrepreneur and its inventor, Richard M. Browning. As it turns out, Mr Browning is not content in just having the fun all to himself and decided to sell limited number of this “jet suits” to anyone who […]

Man Took “Flight” Like Iron Man With Tiny Jet Engines Strapped To Him

Human’s fantasy of flight never cease since before the Wright Brothers. Now that we have realized flying, mankind is looking toying with other ways to take flight. Wait, what? You mean there are other ways to flying other than an aeroplane? Of course, there are. Why ‘are’? Because besides the various audacious plans like Martin […]