Jet Suit with Head Tracking Airsoft Gun

We all know that the coolest thing to happen in recent year is possibly the jet suit from Gravity Industries. But do you know what’s cooler than the jet suit invented by real-life Tony Stark, British entrepreneur Richard M. Browning? Head tracking shoulder turret.

Yes. Head tracking shoulder turret. Just like one on stuck on War Machine’s right shoulder. The folks over at Gravity Industries had reached out to British inventor/YouTuber James Bruton to design and build a head tracking shoulder turret for the jet suit and he did exactly that.

Jet Suit with Head Tracking Airsoft Gun

The result may not the same as in the comic or MCU, but it was sure satisfying to see it actually happening in the real world. Unfortunately, due to the clearance around the pilot’s head, Bruton had to settle for a single axis turret (still awesome nonetheless).

Unfortunately, though, no real gun was involved. There was no minigun either. Instead an Airsoft assault rifle (AR-15?) was mounted. The man himself took it to the air and a go with it.

It seems to me Mr. Browning’s secret desire might be creating a real-life Iron Man suit with weapons and all. For all you know, he is already working on a real world arc reactor and maybe even repulsor, and maybe a rocket called The Ex-wife. Catch the video after the break.

Images: YouTube (James Bruton).