Coca-Cola x Stranger Things Ad and New Coke

Last month, Coca-Cola announced a New Coke and Netflix partnership for the upcoming, third season of Stranger Things. The partnership saw the introduction of a heavily nostalgic 80s-style Coca-Cola commercial, accompanied by the familiar song First Time sang by Robin Beck, as well as limited edition reissue of the short-lived New Coke launched in 1985.

If you are interested in the 2019 version of the 1985’s New Coke, you can pick up as part of the New Coke and Stranger Things 1985 Limited Edition Collector’s Pack ($19.85). There’s also a couple of other New Coke/Stranger Things merchandises up for grab which you can check out on the dedicated page on Coke Store online.

Coca-Cola x Stranger Things Ad and New Coke

Anywho, a couple a days ago, Netflix dropped the retro Coca-Cola commercial again via its Stranger Things Twitter account, but this time, it seems to have incorporated several additional scenes which adds nearly a minute to the original 80s-style commercial posted by the Atlanta-based soft drink giant in May.

if you ask me, I like the new a minute and a half “commercial” more because, it kind of feels more like a teaser to Stranger Things 3 than an ad, plus there’s a wee more screen time of Steve and Dustin – my current favorite duo in the show.

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Go on and have a look at the said commercial in the embedded tweet below.

Images: Coca-Cola/Stranger Things.

Source: io9.