Netflix Drops 80s-style Stranger Things 3 Coca-Cola Commercial

Last month, Coca-Cola announced a New Coke and Netflix partnership for the upcoming, third season of Stranger Things. The partnership saw the introduction of a heavily nostalgic 80s-style Coca-Cola commercial, accompanied by the familiar song First Time sang by Robin Beck, as well as limited edition reissue of the short-lived New Coke launched in 1985.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Bring Captain Marvel Up To Speed In This Funny Audi Ad

Whether or not you are pumped about the Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame hitting the theaters this week, you will want to watch the fully-electric Audi e-tron SUV commercial starring Brie Larson as Carol Denver AKA Captain Marvel. Usually, I am not into this (I have nothing against commercials – in case you are wondering), but this […]

Huge-ass RC Drone With Suspending Hammock Has The Internet Debating

A video of a man chilling out on a hammock suspended under a huge-ass drone posted on YouTube has the Internet debating whether it is real or a hoax. Well, you don’t need to be CGI genius to know that it isn’t real because it is, after all, a commercial for the Dutch insurance company […]

Branded Dreams: What If Advertisers Can Infiltrate Your Last Ad-free Place On Earth?

Ad is one of the reason why traditional media like magazines and newspapers are on a slow ride on a sunset industry bus. People hate ads, well, maybe not all people hate ads, but for those who do, they will do everything in their power to avoid laying eyes on any. Some folks jumped to […]

Japanese Ad Campaign Features Carefully Orchestrated Drones That Cover Nude Dancers’ Private Parts

How do you convince people to wear clothes? Why, you don’t actually need to cos’ most humans are pretty fond of wrapping fabric all over their bodies. That said, however, you do need some marketing effort to make people sees your brand among the ocean of competitors. And in the case of BUYMA, short for […]

FCA US Leverages On Star Wars Fever To Promote Its Core Brands

We totally understand why businesses are out to woo Disney and Lucasfilm, and vice versa. But the latest collaboration between Fiat Chrysler Automobiles North America and Disney/Lucasfilm leaves us nothing short of flabbergasted and our heads twirling with question marks. What has FCA core brands, namely Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram and Fiat, have to do […]