How do you convince people to wear clothes? Why, you don’t actually need to cos’ most humans are pretty fond of wrapping fabric all over their bodies. That said, however, you do need some marketing effort to make people sees your brand among the ocean of competitors. And in the case of BUYMA, short for Buying Market, a Japanese fashion shopping service, they made a video that will no doubt grab your attention. To be honest, we do not know BUYMA, but with this video of two naked dancers, we now know there’s BUYMA (note: no relation to Chuck’s Buy More).

BUYMA Ad Campaign with Naked Dancers and Drones

So I guess nudity works, eh? Well, not exactly so. I mean. The dancers aren’t naked. Well, they are, but thanks to carefully orchestrated drones, each with a modesty curtain beneath, the most intimate body parts are concealed from the viewers. As the duo execute their ballet routine to Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake Suite, the pair of drones move in perfect unison to that we won’t see, much to some’s frustration, any bouncing boobs and flailing phallic parts. As the ballet routine gets heated up and quicker, more drones join in the party and along with some clever camera angles, keeps the private parts of the dancers concealed throughout the entire video.

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BUYMA Ad Campaign with Naked Dancers and Drones
More drones joined in as the ballet routine becomes more complicated and quicker

While all eyes are on the dancers and the drones, this video is also a show of brilliant camera works that result in a complete concealment which would otherwise be impossible to execute. Anywho, the video concludes with a closing slide beckoning viewers to ‘buy clothes’, followed by a couple of drones with the same modesty sheet but this time with print that introduces viewers to BUYMA where you can get the apparels. Whether you have just learn of the existence of BUYMA (like we do) or naively trying to peek at those titties (like we did not do), you can’t deny this video had your attention. And oh, cheekily, the “crew” turns out to be naked too.

BUYMA Ad Campaign with Naked Dancers and Drones
Even the crews are in dire need for clothes!

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