We have been bombarded by commercials every day, but this commercial that we are sharing today is unlike no other. It is a LEGO TV ad, but one that is targeted at adult consumers.

LEGO Find Your Flow Ad Targets Adult Consumers

The tagline “click into a lower gear and find your flow. Adults Welcome” presented at the end of the video perfectly summarizes what this ad is about: a campaign that officially welcomes adults into the world of LEGO.

It is time for an ad targeted at adults given how many 18+ sets LEGO have rolled out over the last few years. Even the sweetest set that you thought would be a perfect fit for kids, turned out to be a set recommended for grown-ups 18 and up.

Perhaps not clearly put, but I think the commercial also drives the idea that building LEGO sets is a form of relaxation therapy. You know, to unwind from all the stress and nonsense from our daily living.

LEGO Find Your Flow Ad Targets Adult Consumers

Some sets even include music to accompany as you throw all the worries behind and build the stress away.

The ad, which lasted just 45 seconds, perfectly conveyed the therapeutic effect of putting LEGO sets together and presented in a relatable manner. It may be a commercial, but the video is very cinematic and has a somewhat nostalgic vibe to it.

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It has been a long time since we enjoyed watching commercials. We thoroughly enjoyed this one.

Go ahead and have a look yourself.

Image: Twitter (@LEGO_Group).

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