Here’s one for fans of Bayformers. Hong Kong toymaker, ThreeZero has revealed a new non-transforming Transformers figure from the live-action Transformers movies.

ThreeZero Transformers The Last Knight DLX Optimus Prime

The latest to join the growing list of non-transforming Transformers figures is the ThreeZero DLX Optimus Prime as he was since in the Transformers: The Last Knight.

Not a lot is known at this point except that TLK Optimus Prime stands 11.2 inches tall and has 73 points of articulation.

From the lone product image, we believe TLK Optimus Prime will have the usual weathering effect and looks pretty screen accurate.

TBH, those are what we really want to know. And oh, it looks like it may have light-up eyes. We could be wrong.

Anywho, the ThreeZero Transformers: The Last Knight DLX Optimus Prime Collectible Figure will hit the market this year (2022) with a yet-to-be-announced sticker.

Images: ThreeZero.

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