AuraOne 12-Pocket Foldable Backpack

The pandemic is not over but what the hell, if you want to travel, you gotta travel, and if while planning to do so (traveling), you find your bags have disintegrated after nearly 3 years of non-use, here’s the perfect replacement and it is called AuraOne.

AuraOne 12-Pocket Foldable Backpack

The AuraOne is much like the Catalyst backpack and the Marcher and can be compressed for space-saving storage until it needs to be used. It lets you have a backpack traveling to your destination. It is what we like to refer to as the deployment bag.

However, AuraOne is not just any foldable backpack; it is a 12-pocket foldable backpack. Granted not all the pockets are useable at the same time. But that’s where the brilliance is: it can be expanded to suit your need, be it you’re a student, a traveler, or an outdoor enthusiast.

There is the TSA-friendly configuration that makes the security process more efficient and offers quick access to the boarding pass, passport, or camera.

AuraOne 12-Pocket Foldable Backpack

There is the sport support configuration where you have a voluminous main pocket for your clothes, headphones, and whatnot, and a 100% waterproof expandable pocket for your kicks.

And finally, there is the Daily Necessities configuration with well-distributed compartment space for your, well, daily essentials, including a laptop, notebooks, and more.

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The bag is made of Cordura Ripstop 30D nylon, silicone, and PU, and boasts sealed waterproof zippers. The bag has all the pockets you need to keep things organized, including a compartment for a water bottle, a hook for keys, a pocket for a power bank, and more.

It further features a multipurpose back pocket that can accommodate 103L reservoirs or a laptop up to 13 inches. Rounding up the feature list is breathable and comfy shoulder straps with shoulder strap loops and adjustable sternum strap.

AuraOne 12-Pocket Foldable Backpack

The AuraOne packs down to 30 by 38 cm (11.8 by 15 inches) and expands to up to a voluminous 28L (7.4 gal) backpack, measuring up to 59 cm tall by 30 cm wide (23.2 by 11.8 inches). And it is super lightweight, tipping the scales at just 280g (0.99 oz.).

If you are sold, you may order the AuraOne 12-Pocket Foldable Backpack on Kickstarter by pledging £69 or more (or around US$85 according to Kickstarter). The campaign is funded at this point and so a pledge for a product is a pre-order which, if all goes as planned, should see delivery in September 2023.

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