Minimalist wallets are a dime a dozen. Here’s another one. No, wait. The Smoll Origami Leather Wallet is not just another minimalist wallet. While wallets inspired by the art of origami are not new, not many can say it is without stitches and glue, or any form of chemical substances. The Smoll Origami has none of those. It is true to the art of origami that it drew inspiration from.

Smoll Origami Leather Wallet

The thing about this wallet is that it is minimalist but not to the point that you basically have a single pocket for everything. It is compact but yet it has a compartment to keep your bills and cards organized.

There are two models: Smoll Wrap Wallet and Smoll Envelope Wallet. The latter is further available as compact and long. I love the envelope but I think it is the Wrap that truly shines in this series – thanks to the rotary feature.

The Wrap has a main compartment that works in conjunction with the leather page to keep bills and receipts neatly in place. If a single compartment isn’t enough, you can add up to three rotary layers. The rotary layer is essentially an add-on pocket for cards and coins, and it is secured to the main wallet using a low-profile nut system.

Smoll Origami Leather Wallet

This allows the individual layers to be rotated out when you need to use them. This is especially convenient if you have contactless cards like a contactless credit card, access card, et cetera.

But why do you need to rotate it out and not just tap the entire wallet? The answer is obvious. Multiple cards interfere with each other plus the Wrap has RFID-blocking shields in the inner surface to prevent your cards from being skimmed, so you do need to flip it out to use the card.

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The Smoll Wrap Wallet measures 72 mm wide and 108 mm long (2.83 by 4.25 cm).

Smoll Origami Leather Wallet

Meanwhile, the Smoll Envelope Wallet is, as the name implies, like an envelope. It opens like an envelope to reveal a dedicated compartment for coins, a card pocket, and a bill pocket, all arranged and aligned in a cohesive manner, IMHO.

The long version offers a wider coin compartment, three card packets, and a wide bill pocket that requires no folding of bills.

The Smoll Envelope Wallet (Compact) measures 110 mm by 95 mm (4.33 by 3.74 inches) and the Long version is 190 mm by 95 mm (7.48 by 3.74 inches). The wallets are handcrafted with vegetable-tanned leather and available in a variety of colors.

Smoll Origami Leather Wallet

If you are keen, you may learn more about the new Smoll Origami Leather Wallet on Kickstarter where you can also pre-order one for US$63 or more.

Smoll Origami Leather Wallet
Smoll Origami Leather Wallet

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Images: Studio Smoll.

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