Ad is one of the reason why traditional media like magazines and newspapers are on a slow ride on a sunset industry bus. People hate ads, well, maybe not all people hate ads, but for those who do, they will do everything in their power to avoid laying eyes on any. Some folks jumped to faster reaching media aka Internet for news and material consumption, where ad blockers can be used to prevent ads from assaulting their senses while they enjoy the content. Just when this group of anti-ad people thought they are safe from the byproduct of capitalism, Studio Smack dished out a grim prospect: what if the last ad-free haven in the world can be reached by advertisers?

Branded Dreams - The Future of Advertising by Studio Smack
Strangely gross and at the same time captivating caterpillar

What if advertisers can infiltrate our dreams and inject subliminal messages that would make us buy and buy? It may sounds like science fiction nightmare, however, Studio Smack’s suggestion may not be too far fetch as according to the company, this dreamy video that they’ve made was a response to the recent developments in brain science and technology that hinted of such possibility. Creepy? Indeed. Or perhaps, you beg to differ? Then we suggest that you watch the Studio Smack’s animated short of an impression of a dream infected by a brand and perhaps, share with us how you feel after watching the dreamy short in the comment below.

Vimeo via The Awesomer

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