A video of a man chilling out on a hammock suspended under a huge-ass drone posted on YouTube has the Internet debating whether it is real or a hoax. Well, you don’t need to be CGI genius to know that it isn’t real because it is, after all, a commercial for the Dutch insurance company Centraal Beheer. Of course, we won’t dismiss the possibility that it could be a real thing, perhaps executed progressively and edited in such a way that it appears that the drone is actually hoisting a full grown person. Then again, a few, including our favorite mad garage inventor Colin Furze, have proven that a multirotor rig like such is capable of hauling a person.

So, we are going to say it is plausible this could be real, though the risk of injury or even death is also equally plausible in an event of a mishap. Anyways, it is a ton of fun to watch and if you still didn’t get it after watching the video, this commercial actually talks about the importance of saving, and the whole remote control drone with hammock suspended underneath thing basically says that you could be living your life in your terms if you having savings, well, or something of sort. Anyways, enjoy the video and try not to take it too critically.

P.S. If may be faux, but I am sure Colin Fuze will have no qualm in making it real. Speaking of which, where’s the mad inventor when you need him?

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Image: screengrab from YouTube video.

via Laughing Squid

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  1. Can’t get any “Lazier” then that, except by Adding Suspended Hovering ‘Waitstaff’ with a TV and your Tailgator Party Favorites. Just Hovering within Easy Reach…

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