Have you ever been Rickrolled before? I sure have. The Rickroll phenomena/meme was perhaps the secret to how a song released 35 years ago remains evergreen until this day. We know Rickroll is still a thing in 2022 and probably it will be a long, long time but we never thought it is a thing enough to be used as a marketing tool.

InsurAAAnce x Rick Astley Music Video

Apparently, Insurance broker, CSAA Insurance Group, thinks it is a good fit for its latest ad campaign: InsurAAAnce x Rick Astley Never Gonna Give You Up. In this brilliant ad campaign, the music video of the English singer/songwriter’s 1987 hit single was recreated scene-for-scene (well, almost) – right down to the 4:3 aspect ratio.

The video which was posted on August 16, has already amassed over 2 million views at the time of this post. In this “remake” of the Never Gonna Give You Up music video, Rick Astley redid what he has done in the original music video. It was almost a scene-to-scene remake.

InsurAAAnce x Rick Astley Music Video

There were a few new scenes, though and the stars of the video, save for Astley, were seen wearing InsurAAAnce polo tees. Leveraging on the keywords from the lyrics, the insurance company highlights its promise to customers/policyholders which are strategically inserted into the 1-minute video. I thought it was pretty clever and very effective. Now, I guess you say this is yet another successful Rickroll.

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Keep going for the said video as well as the original music video, posted on Rick’s official YouTube video.

Images: YouTube (CSAA Insurance Group).

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