Wasabi, the spicy Japanese food condiment that is a staple with sushi, has already been turned into ice cream and so, it should not surprise us when the western equivalent, i.e. mustard, also has gotten the frozen treatment. You heard right, my friends. Mustard Ice Cream is a thing now. McCormick-owned American food and condiment brand French’s has teamed up with Coolhaus Ice Cream to deliver a yellow mustard flavored ice cream to celebrate National Mustard Day (yes, that is also a thing!).

French’s Mustard Ice Cream by Coolhaus

Adventurous lovers of the sweetened frozen treat can acquire the French’s Mustard Ice Cream from a customized ice cream truck on August 1 and 2 in NYC and on August 3, in Hamptons. The frozen delight – if you can call it that – will also be serve up by Coolhaus at its Culver City location on August 2-4 and August 9-11. As reported by Adweek, “the Mustard Ice Cream is served with a ‘Pretzel cookie’ to complement the ‘familiar but surprising and tangy’ flavor.” I can’t imagine why it is not served with hot dogs.

Images: French’s.

Source: Adweek.

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