Angel Giuffria Bionic Arm Lightsaber Arm

This is Angel Giuffria, she’s a “Bionic Actress” and she has every right to go viral even without a mention by Star Wars’s actor Mark Hamill. Angel Giuffria has been cosplaying for quite a bit, but it was her getup as “Jedi Leia” that grabbed the Internet’s attention. As Jedi Leia, Angel put aside her usual prosthetic arm in favor of a lightsaber attachment for her bionic arm and the result was pretty darn awesome. It was so awesome that it even gotten the love from Luke Skywalker himself.

In case you didn’t get it… Giuffria was an amputee. She was born without her left arm below the elbow which means she has to wear a prosthetic arm since like forever. For Giuffria, it has always been her desire to have a “lightsaber arm” and now, thanks to her friend, Trace Wilson, who is a congenial amputee himself, and SaberForge (custom Lightsaber maker) and Touch Bionics by Ossur (prosthetic limb specialist), Giuffria’s dream has became a reality. Actually, she have always wanted to be Luke and Leia and this Jedi Leia cosplay is a perfect culmination of both character and damn, the lightsaber arm is absolutely rad.

Images: Twitter (@aannggeellll).

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Source: Yahoo!