Remember the super cool finger-worn chopsticks, SNACTIV? It is previously not available in Japan but it is now, thanks to the newly appointed distributor, Earth Ship Co., Ltd.

SNACTIV Finger Chopsticks for Snacks

The authorized distributor has taken to Japan crowdfunding platform Makuake to peddle this awesome snacking gadget.

If those who do not know what SNACTIV is, it is a pair of wearable chopsticks that, when slipped between your index and middle finger, allow you to pick up snacks and eat them without dirtying your fingers.

This allows you to continue working keyboard or game controller if you are gaming.

SNACTIV Finger Chopsticks for Snacks

There are many knock-offs out there but if you care about original creation, quality (I bought a pair awhile back, btw), and safety (it’s BPA-free and FDA compliant), then SNACTIV is the way to go.

And if you are in Japan, you can pick up the SNACTICV wearable chopsticks for 4,350 yen and up (about US$31.80).

Images: SNACTIV/Earth Ship Co. Ltd. [JP].

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