“Open Nose” Face Mask Is A Thing And I Can’t Understand Why. I Just Can’t

In addition to complains of being heard and difficulty in breathing, some mask users have developed skin problems like rashes and acne. Japanese company, Between now and now, think it may have solved all those problems with its new mask called Molecular Mask.

Canon Is Selling A Monocular Telescope-like, One-hand Operation Digital Camera In Japan

With smartphone cannibalizing point-and-shoot camera’s market, camera makers are struggling to convince potential buyers to open their wallets for actual cameras. While some companies like Ricoh carved a niche in 360-degree photography and videography, Canon has other idea: a telescope camera.

RÖTH & MYERS Is A Digital Sound Amplifier That Will Make Old Audio Equipment Relevant Today

Turning your dated, but still good-sounding speakers relevant to today’s world is not new. However, if you are looking to amp the sound up with a memorable retro-styling, startup RÖTH & MYERS is here to help with SoundHub.