In addition to complains of being heard and difficulty in breathing, some mask users have developed skin problems like rashes and acne. Japanese company, Between now and now, think it may have solved all those problems with its new mask called Molecular Mask.

Molecular Face Mask for Sensitive Skin Makuake

The face mask, which is made from Imabari organic cotton fabric featuring nanofiber developed by a professor from Tokyo institute of Technology, promised to stop 99.99% or more fine particles of 100 nanometers while remaining gentle on the skin.

The textile also boasts excellent water absorption while touting quick-dry properties. Between now and now adds that it will feel as if you are not wearing a mask. Furthermore, it claims to be resistant to deterioration even after 100 or more times of washing.

Molecular Face Mask for Sensitive Skin Makuake

All sounds fantastic until I realized that there are two versions: a regular mask that covers both the nose and the mouth, and believe it or not, a so-called “open nose” mask that does not, well, cover the nose.

Like, seriously? What’s the point of not covering the nose that is one of the main entrance for the virus??? I am absolutely stumped. Why??? How???

Molecular Face Mask for Sensitive Skin Makuake

Anywho, now you know a mask that’s designed intentionally not to cover the nose is a thing. Apparently, it is designed with hospitality industry in mind. Speechless. Then again, it may please those who always complain about breathing difficulty. No?

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The Molecular Face Mask for Sensitive Skin is currently being crowdfunded on Japanese crowdfunding platform, Makuake.

Molecular Face Mask for Sensitive Skin Makuake

The price of the mask starts at 3,980.00 yen (around US$38) which is far from being affordable, IMHO. Despite the high price per mask, the campaign has been oversubscribed, pulling nearly 10x more than its set funding goal of a million yen (about US$9,574).

Images: Makuake (Between now and now).

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