Cats love to climb. Cats also love to chill out in the sun. This means they will probably love the new Cloud Nine Window Hammock for Cats by Tuft + Paw. I am not sure if a kitty will actually feel like he or she is on cloud nine when up there but it is a good option for cat-owners who want a sunspace for their feline friends.

Tuft + Paw Cloud Nine Window Hammock for Cats

As the product name implies, the Cloud Nine Window Hammock for Cats is designed for use on a window. It attaches to the glass surface of a window, or just any glass surface, and holds up to 30 lbs (14 kilograms) of weight via three suction cups.

With a max payload of 30 lbs, it means even the (fictional) lasagna-loving Garfield will have no problem on it – that’s if he is able to get onto one (he’d probably use Odie as a stepping stone anyways). Though we can’t say the same for the real-life Garfield.

Tuft + Paw Cloud Nine Window Hammock for Cats

This cat’s hammock features a matte black powder-coated metal frame and a removable bed made from dark heather grey felt with PVC lining.

The Cloud Nine Window Hammock for Cats is the perfect solution to the sill-less windows. But here’s the thing. I feel queasy about having suction cups to hold up things. I know what Tuft + Paw said about the payload but I have bad experiences with things with suction cups.

Tuft + Paw Cloud Nine Window Hammock for Cats

Anywho, if you are cool and want to have a super chill sunspace for your Felis catus, it can be had from for US$79.

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Images: Tuft + Paw.

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