If you permit your cat to roam the dining table, then I am sure this cat-friendly dining table from Japanese online retailer Dinos will be right up your alley.

Dino Cat-friendly Dining Table

Unlike a regular table, the Dinos Cat-friendly Dining Table has a hole in the middle and a platform below it for your kitty to hang around. The hole allows your feline friend to have a view of the dining table, or climb onto it as it sees fit.

The hole can be covered up whenever you need the utilize the entire table. The platform underneath the table can also serve as a holding place for stuff like magazines.

Dino Cat-friendly Dining Table
The hold can be covered up whenever you need to utilize the entire table.

The table is part of a series of cat-friendly furniture which also includes a nesting side table set, a bench set that has a “cat-walk” as the backrest, and a cat tree.

The tabletop is of oak and it is available in a choice of natural and dark brown colors. The Dinos Cat-friendly Dining Table is being sold on dino.co.jp for 159,500 yen, which is about 1,500 American dollars based on the current going rate.

Dino Cat-friendly Dining Table

Images: Dino [JP].

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