RÖTH & MYERS SoundHub Digital Sound Amplifier

Turning your dated, but still good-sounding speakers relevant to today’s world is not new. However, if you are looking to amp the sound up with a memorable retro-styling, startup RÖTH & MYERS is here to help with SoundHub.

I do not even know what to call it because, RÖTH & MYERS SoundHub is pretty much everything in a box that is a little larger than a grown man’s palm.

RÖTH & MYERS SoundHub Digital Sound Amplifier

It is a digital sound amplifier that has every imaginable connectivity, including WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI (ARC), USB-DAC, USB-A, S/PDIF, Ethernet 10/100 port, AUX, and supports external subwoofer, Apple AirPlay, and DLNA.

Plus it will let you access and stream Spotify, Tunein, and more, and supports multi-room speaker setup. Like I have said. It is everything. With it, you can go the modern way, steaming from your smartphone or tablet, or go old school, rigging it up with your favorite turntable, CD player, DVD player and more.

And when all is hooked up, you can simply lay back and enjoy through your choice of speakers, or shut the world around you with a pair of headphones.

SoundHub Digital Sound Amplifier comes with a remote control that lets you control every aspect of the device, or you can choose to control it with the RÖTH & MYERS app. It also play well with Alexa. Just hook it up to an Echo device via AUX or Bluetooth, and you are pretty much good to go.

After successfully campaigned on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo, RÖTH & MYERS is bringing SoundHub to the Japanese market through crowdfunding platform, Makuake, where residents in Japan can pre-order a unit for 25,980 Yen or more (roughly around US$235). You can’t buy it from its website yet.

Images: RÖTH & MYERS.