Some time ago I came across an interesting product known as “fingers chopsticks” on a Chinese shopping platform. Fingers chopsticks are short, “wearable” chopsticks. It goes onto the fingers, letting you pick up snacks like chips and whatnot without using bare fingers thus leaving them clean to type on your keyboard or use the controller.

I was intrigued by the idea and dug deeper. Then I realized that there are literally hundreds of sellers selling it on Amazon. As it turned out, those available on Amazon are mostly knock-offs of an original invention by Kevin Choi and Evans Cho called SNACTIV.

Here’s the thing. The concept of SNACTIV was so good that even before the product reaches its Kickstarter backers, knockoffs have already appeared online. Or so we heard.

SNACTIV Finger Chopsticks for Snacks

Anywho, if you missed backing the product last year and don’t reside stateside, well, we have bad news. You won’t be able to buy it. Not even if you are up North in Canada.

In the age of globalization, Kevin and Evans decided not to ship internationally and instead, chose to rely on awarding distributorship for the product for different regions and countries. I know right. It sounds super 90s and early 2000s, which so does not fit an awesome product made for people of the 21st century.

SNACTIV Finger Chopsticks for Snacks

In any case, if you reside in the U.S., you may pick up the SNACTIV from or from Amazon for US$15 a pop.

It is also available internationally but only in a handful of countries in Asia. Again, pretty strange move.

Anyone outside of the U.S. and the select few countries in Asia would have to turn to buy-for-me services or pick up the so-called knock-offs from Amazon (starting at US$5). Or you could 3D print one yourself if you don’t care about if the plastic is food-safe or not. Well, not that those knock-offs are made of food-safe plastic anyways… just saying…

SNACTIV Finger Chopsticks for Snacks

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Images: SNACTIV.

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