Never mind if people said that Doctor Strange’s trippy reality-bending visuals aka the building-bending scenes are, cinematically speaking, “rip-off” of Christopher Nolan’s Inception because it is not quite. It is more than just architecture bending; it is the entire reality that got bent and because it made a return in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Into The Mirror Dimension LEGO MOC by Lego_nuts

However recently, we found something even more reality-bending and it was this: Into The Mirror Dimension LEGO MOC by Lego_nuts. That’s right, folks. The mirror dimension, the parallel dimension where Doctor Strange is supposedly in control but got outsmarted by Parker’s math, has been turned into a LEGO build.

Man, seeing this LEGO MOC is just as trippy as watching the Into The Mirror Dimension scene. Even more so when you realize this talented LEGO enthusiast used LEGO train tracks to achieve the curved city and the completed scene has around 120 brick-built buildings and used up a third of Lego_nuts’ collection of basic bricks.

Into The Mirror Dimension LEGO MOC by Lego_nuts

Here’s the speed build video if anyone’s interested:

Images: Instagram (@lego_nuts)/YouTube (Lego_nuts).

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