Queens Studios’ Line Of Hyper-Real Collectible Statues Will Blow Your Mind

Queens Studios, the maker of some of the most realistic pop culture collectibles such as the Alita 1:1 statue that impressed James Cameron too, has recently thrown a series of events for its US and Asia’s largest pop culture collectors. In these events, Queens Studios showed off limited edition hyper-real collectibles, including life-size busts of …

LEGO Marvel Sanctum Sanctorum (76218): Just Like The Real Deal But With Smaller Floor Area

If you are more of an architecture person even when it comes to Marvel comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe, then here’s the perfect, possibly iconic in the modern sense, architecture that will soon join your Avengers Tower and Daily Bugle buildings. Folks, this is the LEGO Marvel Sanctum Sanctorum (76218), Doctor Strange‘s habitat.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Into The Mirror Dimension LEGO MOC By Lego_nuts

Never mind if people said that Doctor Strange’s trippy reality-bending visuals aka the building-bending scenes are, cinematically speaking, “rip-off” of Christopher Nolan’s Inception because it is not quite. It is more than just architecture bending; it is the entire reality that got bent and because it made a return in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Eye of Agamotto: If You Have $50, You Can Be The Sorcerer Supreme

There is only one Eye of Agamotto and only a Sorcerer Supreme can possess it and utilize its power. Well, that’s only true in Marvel Cinematic Universe and not in our world. In this world, Sorcerer Supreme you need not to be to own the most power talisman because, Hasbro is more than happy to …

Beast Kingdom Egg Attack Doctor Strange Is Wayyyyyy Too Cute

Though it has its funny moments, the silver screen version of Doctor Strange is anything but kawaii (cute) and while some comic/movie collectible makers would rush to create movie-accurate action figures of the Sorcerer Supreme, Beast Kingdom chose to dish out the cuter version under the brand’s Egg Attack series. So, yes. Strange can be …