One of the thing urbanites find hard to do is keeping their kicks clean. When said “kicks,” we do mean sneakers. Leather shoes are easy to deal with, but sneakers, on the other hand, are not. Still, sneaker lovers face up to challenge, finding ways and means to keep their favorite footwear dirt-free. One New Yorker entrepreneur think he may have deciphered the secret behind the art of cleaning sneakers with a product called Scuffed Up.

Scuffed Up Sneakers Cleaner

Scuffed Up uses no chemicals and it does not require you to pore through a lengthy manual to start cleaning. In fact, it is a scrubber, but it is not just any scrubber; it is a specially sourced scrubber which created Adam Kellerman claims it can reach even the most elusive places and it will take a few minutes to restore the cleanliness of a sneaker. All you need to do is add water and start scrubbing away. Scuffed Up is not new though; it has been around for quite a while; it is being used by YouTube celebrities and even familiar NFL athletes.

Scuffed Up Sneakers Cleaner

It has now taken to Kickstarter to create awareness and also introduces its a new all-in-one cleaning kit that features a built-in reservoir, cleaning soap and a towel for finishing touch. All the aforementioned are packed inside a shoe box-like packing that is small enough to be slipped into your automobile glove box, gym bag et cetera. Perfect on-the-go cleaning solution for sneaker heads who love their shoes too much, or may a little too much.

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Scuffed Up Sneakers Cleaner

Now, the thing is, about the “new product,” Scuffed Up has no prototype to show, but if you prefer not to take the risks (it is Kickstarter, after all), you can grab the original Scuffed Up for just 5 bucks to give it a test drive. You can also choose to put your faith in Kellerman (who owns a sneakers and sport equipment store down at Buffalo, NY), you can dive straight for the so-called new product by dropping $20 or more.

Scuffed Up Sneakers Cleaner

So far, the reception for the campaign on Kickstarter is a little underwhelming and therefore, it is hard to say if the new product will materialize. Lucky for you guys, you won’t be charged if the campaign fails to make the goal. In the event it does not get the funding to give it a go, you can still get the original outsole shape scrubber on Scuffed Up website for $15/2-pack. Continue reading for a pitch video to hear from the horse’s mouth.

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