IXOOST is an Italian audio equipment maker who is known to create speaker systems that looks like they were parts pulled out of an automobile. Previously, IXOOST has offered an exhaust iPhone dock and a Bluetooth speaker that replicates the rear end of a Lamborghini and now, it has collaborated with tire manufacturer giant Pirelli to introduce a Bluetooth speaker in, you guessed it, the shape of a Pirelli tire. So, yeah, that thing you see right there isn’t just a scale model of the Pirelli P Zero tire; it is a Bluetooth speaker aptly called Pirelli P Zero Sound.

IXOOST Pirelli P Zero Sound

IXOOST is called it the “real audio race tire” and it certainly is because, the tire is a replica of Pirelli’s Wind Tunnel Tire that is a scaled down replica of the tire maker’s renowned P ZERO racing tire used by F1 Teams on the half-size model cars for aerodynamic wind tunnel testing. I guess this would make the IXOOST Pirelli P Zero Sound, the ultimate sound system for motorsport enthusiasts? Possibly, but only if you like your room looking like a garage, or if the intended placement is the garage where you spend most of the time in as a petrol head likely would.

IXOOST Pirelli P Zero Sound

Interestingly, IXOOST Pirelli P Zero Sound is offered in nine different colors which are used to identify the different racing compounds. As Bluetooth speaker, it brought to a 25 mm silk tweeter driver, a 100 mm mid woofer, and a “powerful amplifier” with 100-watt digital signal processor to boot. Well, those are not exactly convincing about its audio prowess, does it? We have seen enough automotive-inspired pieces for the home, but I have to agree with Kristen Lee that a tire is not, and will never, be a fit to any home decor setup – less it is tire sale office or as Lee puts it, “a literal F1 pit.”

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IXOOST Pirelli P Zero Sound

But hey, don’t let me discourage you from buying one. But first, you have to get over its asking price of 2,400 euro (about US$2,815) – excluding shipping and whatever shit taxes that you need to pay. Well, at least, this is one rubber that’s will never get worn.

IXOOST Pirelli P Zero Sound

Images: IXOOST.

Source: Jalopnik.

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