The Half-size Pirelli Wind Tunnel Tire Is Now A Bluetooth Speaker

IXOOST is an Italian audio equipment maker who is known to create speaker systems that looks like they were parts pulled out of an automobile. Previously, IXOOST has offered an exhaust iPhone dock and a Bluetooth speaker that replicates the rear end of a Lamborghini and now, it has collaborated with tire manufacturer giant Pirelli […]

iXOOST’s Lamborghini Speaker Is Built Like The Actual Car With Real Tailpipes!

What? Your garage is already filled with exotic rides from Lamborghini? But I am sure you have room for one more inside the house, right? Well, maybe not the entire car, but perhaps a sound system that’s pretty much look like the car itself. Meet the EsaVox Lamborghini Bluetooth Speaker from the same Italian folks, […]