IXOOST Sound Docks

IXOOST Sound Docks
(photos: IXOOST) IXOOST Sound Docks | from €5,000.00 | www.ixoost.it/

staunch car lovers often speak of their love for the exhaust notes that their ride produced. the rumbling sound is nothing short of music to their ears. well, now, car enthusiasts can take this love for the ‘exhaust notes’ more literally with the IXOOST range of sound dock specially crafted for iPhone and iPod. the best part is, car lovers can enjoy the visual sight of the lovely exhaust manifold hailed from eight-, ten- or twelve-cylinder engine while immersing themselves with sweet audio reproduced through four 70W drivers and a 140W active subwoofer. common features among the three models include 28mm Silk Dome Tweeters, 25mm midrange drivers, 100mm and 200mm subwoofer, doped paper cone, high density flux ferrite, 200mm passive radiator reflex and of course, a sound dock with 30-pin dock connector for your iPhone or iPod. to be honest, we are totally sold by the idea and would jump into it, if not for its hefty asking price tag. the IXOOST range of sound docks bear a starting sticker of €5,000 (about US$6,259) for the eight-cylinder model, while the ten- and twelve-cylinder models will set you back from anything between €6,500 to €8,000 (around US$8,137 to US$10,014). wow. nevertheless, we still couldn’t help but to ogle over them, which you could do so too with a few larger images after the break.

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