Montblanc x Pirelli Luggage Collection At 2019 Chinese Grand Prix

Germany writing instrument maker Montblanc is not exactly the name in luggage and so is Italian tire maker, Pirelli, but here it is anyways, the Montblanc x Pirelli Luggage Collection. And boy, are they looking pretty damn sweet. They are sleek in typical Montblanc fashion. Unveiled on the even of the Chinese Grand Prix in […]

The Half-size Pirelli Wind Tunnel Tire Is Now A Bluetooth Speaker

IXOOST is an Italian audio equipment maker who is known to create speaker systems that looks like they were parts pulled out of an automobile. Previously, IXOOST has offered an exhaust iPhone dock and a Bluetooth speaker that replicates the rear end of a Lamborghini and now, it has collaborated with tire manufacturer giant Pirelli […]